Flickr Photo Lightbox for the Apple iPad, Easy Photo Viewing

Flickr has always been the favorite photo hosting and sharing website for many photographers and others alike. Bloggers also enjoy using this service very much, to host the images they use on their websites and blogs. Flickr has an official app for the iPhone, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry, but all other platforms have to use it’s web-based suite for image management.

If you’ve been using Flickr on your mobile device lately, you’ll surely have heard of the Light box feature that lets you easily swipe between photos, share them and view them as a slideshow. Yes, all that is now coming to the iPad.

With the new Light Box feature on the iPad, you can now view your favorite images by just tapping on it and as a slideshow. The image selected will zoom to fit the screen on a dark background that hides everything behind and focuses only on the photo you’re viewing. This feature is available on any photo page and is similar to the new filmstrip on Facebook. You can even swipe left/right to go through the images, add photos to your favorite collection and show-it off on your iPad’s large screen.

As there isn’t an official Flickr app for the Apple iPad,  you’ll have to visit the official Flickr website to enjoy this new feature. But there are other third-party Flickr apps available on the Apple Store.

[ Source: Flickr Blog ]