FlashLock: Use Flash from Your iPhone Lockscreen

There’s a new feature in iOS 5 that lets you use your camera without entering the Menu. When you double tap the home button, the camera button appears next to Slide to unlock, using which you can directly access your camera without using your Lock code. Useful feature, don’t you think? So, how about you being able to also access your Flash from your lockscreen when it is much required.


FlashLock for iPhone lets you access the flash of your iPhone 4 directly from your lockscreen, in the same exact manner as iOS 5 gives you access to the camera. You can turn on your flash from the lockscreen and save the day by giving some light. Of course, there are thousands of other flash applications that can control the flash, make it dance and more, but isn’t this is the easiest and simplest.

It works exactly the same way as the new camera shortcut on iOS 5. Double tap the Home button and you should see FlashLock next to Slide to Unlock. The flash will stay on until until you tap the icon again. It’s as simple as that! Also, this is a Cydia application, hence you’ll require to carry a jailbroken iPhone to install this free app. FlashLock is the idea of iPhone Download Blog writer Sebastian and was developed by Filippo Bigarella.

You can download FlashLock from Cydia by adding the repo http://filippobiga.me/repo.

Tell us what you’re favorite iPhone 4 Flash is. I’ve been using Tactical Flash. What have you been using and what do you think of FlashLock?