FlashCam Adds Flash and Camera Shortcuts to iPhone Lockscreen

Having shortcuts on your lockscreen can be very helpful for easy launching of apps and getting things done quickly. Two of the most important shortcuts that most users would want are Flashlight and Camera, well most of them. I’d definitely find it very helpful if I had the shortcuts right on my lockscreen so I wouldn’t have to unlock then start the app. There are many other jailbreak apps out there that add similar functionality, but most of them add a single icon next to the slide to unlock bar.

FlashCam is a free Cydia application for jailbroken iPhones that adds both Flashlight and Camera shortcuts on the lockscreen. The main difference between this app and other flash and camera tweaks is that this brings both of them together. Remember the Camera shortcut on the slider in iOS 5, well this is even better. It has loads of options too and the buttons look classy and somehow make the lockscreen look better, according to me.

Using the given settings, you can move the buttons on top or move them to the bottom just above the slider. You can also select what program the camera button launches, which includes 3-4 popular camera apps. You can even select whether to open the camera or the video camera.  There’s also an option to lock the phone after the launch and use of the camera button. The app is very useful and the Flashlight button works like a charm. Also, there is very less chance of clicking on any of the two buttons by accident, even though they’re wide.

FlashCam is available in Cydia, all you have to do is search for it. It’s quite small and requires a quick respring, that’s it. Best suitable for iPhone 4, since both the buttons will work great.