FL Studio Mobile iOS App Now Available for All Home DJ’s

For all those prospering home DJ’s, you’ve got some good news! One of the most useful music tools for the home DJ generation, FL Studio makes it big on to the mobile platform. Image-line released FL Studio Mobile for iOS recently to help you out with your DJ dreams and to make you a walking beat box, music maker and more.

FL Studio Mobile

I’ve been using FL Studio, the Windows version, for quite some time now and all I can say is, I’m a better music producer  than when I started. FL Studio Mobile will probably turn me in to a professional-on-the-move music producer. Or not! It’s not so easy, you need time and patience to create those Grammy winning tracks, but FL Studio Mobile is certainly going to be of help.

We all know that when an application makes it way to a touch interface, it is bound to become simpler to use, and that goes with FL Studio Mobile as well. Making your own beats or complete tracks has now become as easy as imagining it in your head. You’ve got a beat on your mind? Well, just start up FL Studio Mobile and you’re all set to make it a reality. The interface is super easy to use, specially on the iPad, you can select instruments, edit effects, tunes, add tracks, split tracks and more.

FL Studio Mobile Screenshot

There are two versions available at the moment, a standard one for iPhone and iPod Touch and an HD version for the iPad. Not much difference here, but the HD version does seem to be easier as it makes tapping easier. You can also transfer tracks from the desktop version to your iOS device and continue where you left off. The best part, you can record your favorite beats the moment they hit your head, because you’re bound to have your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad close by. Watch FL Studio Mobile HD in action after the break:

I’m sure after watching the video many of you music enthusiasts out there must’ve downloaded FL Studio right away. At the moment, FL Studio Mobile and FL Studio Mobile HD are both available on the App Store for $18 and $20 respectively. Although prices are subjected to climb after the introductory offer is over, so make the best of it and download it now. An Android version is in the making too.

Download FL Studio Mobile for iPhone and iPod Touch

Download FL Studio Mobile HD for iPad

Are you going to be buying this amazing music application? If you plan on becoming the next Dr. Dre, then you should probably get it now and start creating those beats.