Fix: Personal Hotspot Missing on iPhone 4 After iOS 4.3 Upgrade

If Personal Hotspot feature is not enabled and still missing on your iPhone 4 after upgrading to iOS 4.3 then read this tutorial for possible fixes. However, in case your provider does not allow tethering at all then there is no immediate fix.

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A lot of users who have upgraded their iPhone 4 to iOS 4.3 are complaining that the personal hotspot is missing from their iPhone. You should try all the fixes mentioned here.


In case you haven’t updated your iPhone to iOS 4.3 yet please read our previous post on Pros and Cons of updating iPhone to iOS 4.3. If you still want to update your iPhone to iOS 4.3 click here.

Reset Network Settings:

This is what you should try first when facing any network related problems including Personal hotspot.

To do this, Go to Settings > General > Reset on your iPhone and select Reset Network Settings

Reset network settings iphone 4

Are your iPhone Carrier Settings Updated?

In case your carrier settings are not updated, you may not be able to use Personal Hotspot on iPhone 4. To check for carries settings update, connect iPhone 4 to your computer and launch iTunes.

In case a carrier settings update is available, iTunes will prompt you like this:

Update carrier settings iphone 1

Click on Update Settings to install it on your iPhone 4.

Update carrier settings iphone 2

For the updated Carrier Settings to take effect please disconnect iPhone from your computer and restart it.

Are you Roaming outside your network’s coverage area?

In case you are outside your LSA, you need to turn on Data Roaming to enable Personal Hotspot.

Data roaming iphone 4

To do this, navigate to Settings > General > Network > Data Roaming and set it to ON. This should enable Internet Tethering and Personal Hotspot once again. However, please note that Data roaming charges may apply.

In India, cellular providers don’t have any extra charges for Data roaming during national Roaming. So, if you have any existing data pack from Airtel or other subscribers no need to worry.

Does your Carrier Allow Internet Tethering?

In case your Network Provider does not allow Internet Tethering then Personal Hotspot feature won’t appear on the Network page.

Before updating to iOS 4.3, did your iPhone have Internet Tethering feature? In case it did then your carrier allows it. If not, then there is no direct method to enable Personal Hotspot without Jailbreaking your iPhone 4.

If you are on an official iPhone carrier like AT&T or Airtel, you can check if they support Tethering or not here. For other providers, contact carrier service. I know for a fact that Tata Docomo does not support it yet in India while Vodafone does.

Please share with us, which of these fixes worked for you. If you know any other known solution do let us know via comments.

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  1. I struggled with this as I changed provider. My Internet sharing/Personal hotspot disappeared from the UI. I did a reset of the whole phone, only to reintroduce the issue at the moment i restored my backup. Your hint on resetting the network settings worked like a charm. Thanks!

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