Fix: “iTunes Cannot Read the Contents of the iPhone” Error

A lot of users have asked us in the CAG help forum to help with the iTunes error “iTunes cannot read the contents of the iPhone. Go to the Summary tab in iPhone preferences and click Restore to restore this iPhone to factory settings.” No matter how many times you restore it doesn’t help. Here’s a simple fix to get rid of this error.

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Mostly, this iTunes cannot read… error is encountered by users during iPhone 4 activation or while syncing a jailbroken iPhone.


This is the sign of a corrupt iTunesDB file and I’ll share with you the solution that worked for me and finally let me proceed with iPhone 4 activation.

Instructions to get rid of “iTunes cannot read…” error:

Download iPhoneExplorer, a free tool for Windows and Mac users from Macroplant or DiskAid which has a free 14 day trial period.

Connect your iPhone 4 to your computer using the USB cable and quit iTunes. Launch DiskAid.

Navigate to Media > iTunes_Control > iTunes and look for the file called iTunesDB

Itunesdb file disk aid

If you receive a warning from DiskAid click on OK to proceed.

Diskaid warning media partition

Right click on the file and select Delete to remove this file.

Delete itunes db

This is the file that is corrupt and causes the error in iTunes. Now quit DiskAid and launch iTunes. This time iTunes will not give you the “iTunes cannot read the contents…” error and instead create a new iTunesDB file automatically.

If you were trying to activate your iPhone 4, make sure you are connected to the internet. The iPhone 4 activation should now complete without any errors.

If you have any iPhone/iTunes related questions feel free to ask us on CAG Help Forum.

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  1. bro i have deleted all file of itunes control.there is no problem right?what will happen to iphone because we delete this file?i dont think something will happen right?

  2. ok i was on itunes on the power went off and itunes worked untill itunes 9 came out now i cant plug in my ipod i cant open itunes it says a older itunes virison cant be updated and my ipod says cant charge with thes assesory i tryed tov delet itunse but i cant i tryed rock box it cant find my ipod

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