Fix: iPhone 4 Screen Off and Vibrating Continuously

Last evening my iPhone 4’s screen suddenly went off and it started vibrating non stop while it was kept on the table. A lot of other users have also reported this issue of iPhone 4 vibrating continuously. While Apple hasn’t yet provided the reason for this occurance, here’s what to do to reset the iPhone immediately to prevent damage.


Possible Causes for this Malfunction?

It’s natural for anyone to get as worked up as I did to find his iPhone vibrating non stop. This has happened to me before on the iPhone 3G once so it’s definitely not a defect isolated to the iPhone 4. I can’t say for sure if it’s the jailbreak that caused this problem because all my iPhones were jailbroken at the time this problem occured.

Apple hasn’t responded to this issue yet even though more than 100 people have already reported this issue so far. It’s also possible that its an App from the App Store which is the common link between these iPhones. Though unlikely, something could go wrong when we put the iPhone to sleep while running one of such faulty Apps.

Some people might think of letting their iPhone’s battery die out of vibrating but that could damage your device. Any device vibrating for that long continuously is definitely not good. So just reset the iPhone as mentioned below.

How to Reset iPhone?

Here’s what you should do to prevent damage to your iPhone. Just Hold the Power and Home button till you see the Apple logo on the iPhone’s screen(like the one on startup). This is the method to forcibly reboot your iOS device.


If you had this problem too, you can discuss the problem at Apple’s Discussions Portal for iPhone here. We’ll let you know when Apple has responded to this issue.

9 thoughts on “Fix: iPhone 4 Screen Off and Vibrating Continuously”

  1. mine is vibrating now 9 hours …… nice iphone 4 i am ready to throw it….. how many hours he will continue to do this? the reboot is not working………….

  2. This just happened to me, fortunately reset works for me. Apple should start thinking about user removable battery or dedicated reset button that cuts off electricity from battery.

  3. Well actually mine wont reset. It worked first 3-4 times but now its the second time the reset wont work. Last time it vibrated for over 3 hours before it died and restarted when i connected the charger. Now its vibrating again -.-

  4. Hi,
    i had the same problem a few minutes ago. I went to service. They just opened iphone 4 by their special screwdrivers, took off battery, put it back, and plugged iphone back to charging cable, and it works fine! thx

  5. Happened to me last night, stopped vibrating in its own after like three mins. Afterwards screen was black and couldn’t turn the phone on otherwise so tried hard reset and it now works just fine.
    Scary problem to have when you are expecting an important call, etc

  6. yes it happened to my iphone 4 i tried the hard reset and it worked fine but what is the reason to happen

  7. hi… it just happened to me a while ago… i search the problem in google and i found your article and do the reset move, the vibration stops and the fone is ok now. i thought i need buy new one. btw, thanks for this info men…

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