Fix: Facetime for iPhone Not working on Some Wi-fi Networks

FaceTime has gained a lot of popularity. A lot of our readers have been using it on their iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G and seem to be really liking it. Some however reported a problem with wi-fi networks wherein FaceTime doesn’t work on a few specific networks even though other things like Safari and Mail work just fine on those networks. Here’s a solution.

The problem is with the network settings on the modem or router. Some ports might be blocked because of the firewall. So, if you have access to the modem/router you are in luck. However, those using wi-fi networks at offices and colleges might not be able to make use of this solution.


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How do I know that it’s a problem in the Router?

Once you connect your iPod Touch 4G or iPhone 4 to the wi-fi network try using Safari or Mail. If that works then the network has internet access for sure. Now when you try Facetime, once activated and configured, the call will get through and the other person will get an alert but when he clicks on Accept call the call gets stuck on connecting screen and ends by itself after a while.

If this is what happens, we have a solution for you.

How to fix the above problem?

Go to your router’s configuration page using your browser. This is usually You can use any browser for this.

The default username and password is both “admin” to access the above page unless you or network administrator changed them.

Now, open the following TCP Ports if they aren’t open already. Port forwarding is not that difficult to do and you should be able to do it without anyone’s help.

  1. 80 (normally open anyway for web)
  2. 443
  3. 5223

and following UDP Range:

  • 3478-3497
  • 16384-16387
  • 16393-16402

There are some free sites and tools on the internet which will help you forward ports using an automated process and support most common routers in the market. Google is your friend, there.

Once you have done the above you will be good to go. It worked for me.

Let us know if it works for you or if you run into any problems.

7 thoughts on “Fix: Facetime for iPhone Not working on Some Wi-fi Networks”

  1. thanks for the link richard. all modems available in my country have the same set of credentials by default no matter what the ISP

  2. Reset all settings on iPod 4 fixed FaceTime now connects everytime. Wasnt a problem with ports etc for us in the end

  3. Hello all,

    I know this post is a little bit old but I think I have the solution to this issue.
    The network is not always the problem. A friend was having the same issue and we found that your apple id must be the same as your primary email address, if this condition is not met then facetime won’t work on the ipod touch (although it works directly on a mac).

    So, what you have to do to in order to fix this is going to the apple web site, ( sign in using your apple id, and click on edit Apple ID; then set it using your primary email account and that’s it, when your apple ID and your email address are the same, the ipod can work perfectly with facetime.

    Hope this helps =)

  4. Hi,

    I have a Iphone 4 – 32gb (Anatal Brazil model). It is running VIVO but I have tried with OI-ISP also before.

    It is running version 4.3.3 (8J2) and Carrier VIVO 10.0. Model – MC605BZ, modem firmware 04.10.01.

    I have tried everything. 3g on + wifi, facetime ON, activated , deactivated. upgraded IOS, facetime
    activates sucessfuly , everything SEEMS like its good.

    But when I attempt an outgoing facetime call, the other side rings, it picks up, the other side stays at
    “connecting” state and my phone keeps ringing like no one accepted. Whenever someone else facetimes me back,
    it doesnt even RING here.

    I have eliminated a ISP provider by trying different sim cards from different providers and also WIFI connectivity,
    my friend on the same wifi network that I am testing was able to facetime thru his ipad 2 to his girlfriend, but I cannot
    facetime with anyone having those problems.

    I have searched for more than 2 months, did all kind of stuff but somehow CANT get facetime to work.. anyone
    would have any advice besides throwing it off? thats how I feel right now with the “powerful i4” .

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