Five iPhone-ish Goodies for Your Home

Almost all of us own the iPhone, atleast most of my pals do. Those who don’t own one, love it as well. Today, I’ll share a bunch of goodies I came across while I was looking for a new iPhone case for my self. You’ll love them, whether or not you need or want them. Use them to show your iPhone love or just for fun. Nerd nirvana, it is!

The Slide to Unlock Doormat
We all love the iPhone. This nerdy doormat reads “Slide to Unlock.” While sliding over it will definitely not unlock the door, it will tell your visitor about your Apple and iPhone love. The doormat is made of washable rubber and is available in a size of 27×13 inches. It can be yours for $50 here.

Beware though, the next thief or burglar who visits your place will know in advance that he has Apple goodies in store for him. Don’t tell me I hadn’t warned you. 😛

iPhone Coaster Set

Another interesting product from Meninos design for the iPhone lover in us. The coaster’s design is based on the iPhone’s springboard icons like the phone, calendar, map etc. The set includes 16 coasters sized 85mmx85mm each and will set you back by $60. A thin rubber layer underneath the coasters will keep them from slipping over the surface.

The coaster are made out of MDF plywood and promise to have a very durable varnish to protect the design from fading out of regular use. Again they are washable so don’t worry about having dirtied them at the next Halo night. You can order them here.

iPhone icon Pillows

Next is Pillows which resemble the iPhone springboard icons. The icons available include Mail, iPod, Photos, Calendar and Safari among others.

The pillows are sized 12in x 12in each. They are handmade from fleece and cost $18 for each. They can be purchased from here.

iPhone icon Keychains

After coasters and pillows resembling icons now is the turn of keychains. These iPhone and iPod themed Keychains measure 1.5in x 1.5in each and are made of felt material and filled with fiber fill. They’ll cost you $2.5 each and can be purchased here.

iPhone Playing Cards

Here’s a set of playing cards which resemble the iPhone fascia.

Made out of PVC plastic the cards measure 5.7cm x 8.9cm each. They’ll cost you $25 if you buy them online from here. These are washable too.

Personally, I am only ordering the coasters for myself right now. What about you? Which one interests you the most? Do tell us through comments and also send us any more iPhone goodies that you come across.