First Jailbreak Tweak for iOS 5 UISettings Widget Released

Apple may have brought an end to the life of a lot of older jailbreak tweaks by introducing new features in iOS 5 but that is not going to stop the jailbreak community from creating more useful jailbreak tweaks. UISettings widget for the Notification Center is the first jailbreak tweak released for iOS 5. Instructions on how to install and a review after the break.

UISettings can be described as an alternative form of SBSettings which was created to give users quick access to certain iPhone settings. Just like SBSettings UISettings can be launched anywhere in iOS 5 without the need to quit current app and going to Settings application.

Uisettings widget first jailbreak tweak for ios 5  2 Uisettings widget first jailbreak tweak for ios 5  3

UISettings has been available for iOS 4 too where it works via the multitasking bar. The developer has now ported it to the notifications center in iOS 5 which can be pulled down by swiping one finger from top to bottom on the iPhone screen.

Here’s a list of the toggles and quick settings available in UISettings:

  • Respring
  • Wifi
  • Airplane
  • Bluetooth
  • Brightness
  • Volume
  • Power OFF
  • Reboot
  • Safe Mode

The last option Safe Mode doesnt work on iOS 5 yet, but the rest all do. I do not really like the icons and the colors in particular but the tool itself is pretty handy. Thankfully, just like SBSettings themes there will be more themes for UISettings too. In fact iRetina++ theme is just about to be released and looks much better than the orginal theme.

Here’s the preview recently tweeted by @iSurenix,

Iretina++ theme for uisettings

How to Install UISettings Widget in iOS 5:

You’ll obviously first need to install iOS 5 beta and then jailbreak iOS 5.0 with Redsn0w to get Cydia. Once Cydia is installed add the UISettings repo and then search for UISettings or just tap on the new repo you just added.

Uisettings widget first jailbreak tweak for ios 5  1

Respring your iPhone after install and check it out by pulling down the Notifications Center. To disable or enable these options you’ll need to hold them for about 3 seconds.

Readers, how do you like it? Are you going to replace SBSettings with UISettings?

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  1. jail breaking the iOS devices is crucial task one single error will cause full damage to the phone. 🙂

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