First Impressions: Facetime on iPhone 4

We just tried Facetime on iPhone 4 and were in for an awesome experience. Of course we knew it works! But it’s splendid to try it yourself. It’s magical and Free. The video quality was truly amazing. Check out images after the break.

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Harsh and I couldn’t just wait to lay our hands upon Apple’s Facetime. My iPhone 4 arrived early this week and now CallingAllGeeks has two iPhone 4‘s on board. So, we tried Facetime and Voila! It did work.

Activating Facetime

You first need to turn on Facetime and activate it in the Settings pane.


Making Facetime Calls

Then you go to your Contacts, Select one of your friends and click on the Facetime button. The iPhone will ask you which method you wish to use for starting Facetime call viz. Email or Phone.

We tried the e-mail but that failed to work. More on that in forthcoming posts. The phone number method worked of course.



Once you click on the phone number, Facetime will try to establish a connection.


Accepting Facetime Calls

The user at the other end will have the option to either Accept or Reject the Video Call. The call intimation is something like this.


And you’re done. Accept and you can see both the users on screen. Isn’t it wonderful and simple and intuitive at the same time.

That’s our first experience of Apple’s Facetime. Do share your experiences. Full reviews and Facetime Guide coming soon.