Firefox 4 Free Download Available for Android

Mozilla the well-known name amongst the internet users announced yesterday launch of its browser version Firefox 4 for Android devices. Last August Mozilla had offered Firefox 4’s alpha build version with the name “Fennec” for Android  users and now here is final version. But it seems decision of launching final version has been taken prior to appropriate testing procedures because what is being claimed by the developers, in some ways is being contradicted by the users.mozilla firefox for android

Firefox 4 for Android devices has tabbed browsing, bookmarks, add-ons and Firefox Sync. It hides browser controls when not in use so that users may properly concentrate on the websites they visit. Firefox sync is really an exciting feature which makes you enable to use browsing history,form data and passwords across computers and mobile devices,open tabs and much access to bookmarks. Firefox has always been known for its almost tantalizing add-ons and this version for Android is not an exception of the trend. Add-ons provided in this version will change the look of mobile web browsing. These add-ons give you power to customize the features, functionality and much more.

In developing the Firefox 4 same technology has been used as for desktop version of Firefox. Major enhancements have been made in JavaScript to make it faster. Besides the general users the web developers have also been kept into consideration while developing the Browser,for instance if you are a web developer HTML5 gives you power to develop rich, interactive applications and websites.
Firefox developers also claim that it is three times faster than Android’s own Browser because it has JaegerMonkey JavaScript engine,a technology normally used for Desktop JavaScript but this claim is being contradicted by many users.

“I tried it. It seemed to bog down my phone. Uninstalled it.” a user expressed his disappointment in such words.

Besides not supporting the  Flash is also being considered a nuisance and users are a bit irritated.

Anyways nothing is perfect and if moon has bright silver moonlight it has its own flaws too,so If you are an Android user come ahead and try this new free gift  yourself.

Firefox 4 is a free download from Android market requiring 14 MB and Android 2.0 or later.