FindOne: iPhone App to Search for iPad 2 Availability

Who knew it would come to this. The iPad 2 has been in so much demand in the US that it is very difficult to find iPad 2 stock in stores all over the country. Here’s a free iPhone app called FindOne to the rescue. It searches store database to find which stores near you have iPad 2 availability.

This app will only show iPad 2 stock in US Stores. International users will have to wait for longer to get their hands on iPad 2 unless their country is one of the 25 countries other than US where iPad 2 is launched.

Created, by D.L. Orton, FindOne searches through superstore databases. On the basis of iPad 2 models you select and also your current zip code, the app will show you stores sorted by distance.

Findone app search ipad 2 stock 3

Just tell the app which iPad 2 stock you are looking for and your zip code.

Findone app search ipad 2 stock 2

At the moment, only Target and Walmart stores are shown, but we are hopeful that it will support more stores in the next update.

The app also shows the store’s timings as well as phone number so that you can manually call and confirm for the iPad 2 availability once the app shows you the results.

Here’s the App Store link to download this free iPhone app.┬áDo let us know, if you successfully find an iPad 2 with the help of this app.