Find Latest Website Apps with “There’s a Web App for That” [Chrome]

Browsing a web store specifically for finding out certain apps is sometimes a sheer time waster. A lot of websites on the internet have launched their apps that further enhance your browsing experience. Keeping in view this Websites apps thing, Google has launched a dedicated app “There is a Web App for That” for its Chrome browser that will ultimately let users get to know about the websites having apps. Here is how this strangely sounding app works:

What is “There is a Web App for That”?


This App based extension lets you know whenever a website offers a web app of their own. The app gives you an instant access to the website offering available on the Chrome Web store, you can have a look at the application offered by that website and decide whether its worth downloading or not.

Using “There is a Web App for That”

First install the extension, it’s a one-click install and you can start seeing it coming into action straight-away. Now any site that will be having a web-app on Chrome Web store will have a dedicated icon on the address bar. Open Google Maps and this is what you are gonna see:


Clicking on the link will open-up a tab that will take you to the Chrome Web store that will display the site’s web application. But don’t get so excited because sometimes these links will take you directly to the website instead of app. Some might take this Chrome extension as a simple bookmark thingy, but if you love a website then a graphically nice bookmark is not a bad deal.

I like this useful Extension, it gives a new way to interact with website you visit often. Try it out and Let us know in comments that whether this plug-in is useful or not.