Find Correct Applications to Open Unknown File Extensions

A lot of us come across new file extensions which we have not seen before. Also, sometimes the file extensions are supported to be open by multiple softwares present on your computer for example a .JPEG picture can open in both Windows Picture Viewer and Adobe Photoshop. This raises the dilemma to find the correct software for every known or unknown file extension.

FILExt is a simple and straightforward website which gives you all the information you need about an unknown file extension. It tells what the file format actually is, and with which softwares you can actually open the file. Also, it gives some deeper information such as which company or standard the extension belongs to, functions of the extension and what type of a file extension it really is.


FILExt is very easy and simple to use requiring almost no fuss and you can simply visit the website and search for your desired file extension and find out everything about it.

It is a must have for all those who often bump across unknown files. Just type the name of the file in the search bar and click Search. it will give you complete information about that specific file type including detailed information and type of applications associated with the specific file extension.



Its an excellent tool for those who come across unknown file types and extensions during testing purposes or any other reason. If you are aware of any such tool do share with us.

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