Feedly RSS Reader Now Available on Android

There are many RSS readers out there for the Android operating system, most widely used are ones like the official GReader app and RSS. The GReader and the RSS are very simple to use, but lack that feel of a proper web-based or Desktop RSS reader. I’ve used the GReader app, and although it’s very simple and syncs all your RSS content from Google Reader to your Android device, it still lacks the appeal.

You all must’ve heard of Feedly, the add-on for your favorite browsers and also for iPhone, that makes subscribing and reading your RSS content really exciting with it’s beautiful and magazine-themed interface. The Feedly team has just announced a version of the same for the Android operating system.

Feedly is a better and more fun way to browse through your RSS content, which you can add or sync directly from Google Reader and Twitter. And the magazine styled interface makes it even better, you’ll definitely feel like reading more. Although this is just another Google Reader app, it certainly is better than GReader any given day.

You can download this amazing app from the Android Market for free. It requires Android 2.2 and above, also works on Honeycomb. You can also download this app for your iOS device from the Apple Store.

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