Feedly: Make Your Web Browser a Fully Featured RSS Reader

RSS feeds are a great way to keep updated on the content changes happening on a website. A good RSS reader can help you stay updated on the latest updates without bothering to look for it.

Feedly is a great add-on for Mozilla Firefox web browser which serves as a fully featured RSS reader.

Installing Feedly is very easy, following the standard procedure for installing Firefox add-ons.


Feedly has a fast and interactive magazine like interface which can import your RSS feeds from sources from Google Reader, Bloglines, Netvibes or your bookmarks. Once you install feedly, you can customize your RSS reader on what type of content you want to see after which you create your own Feedly.


Feeds can also be arranged in tabs and categories and has multiple views which enable feeds to be shown as title only, title and summary, image grid, video grid, entire content. The feeds read through Feedly can also be shared on various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc.


One of the great features of Feedly is that it overlays search results from various search sources like Google, Yahoo, Bing and supports a wide variety of RSS and ATOM feed formats.


Feedly is a great way to organize your RSS feeds coming from various sources online on a single magazine like clean to view interface. With its ease of use and utility by being a browser add-on, Feedly is highly recommended RSS reader for everyone.

Download Feedly for Mozilla Firefox

You can also download Feedly for chrome from here. Do let us know if you are using feedly or any other addon which can transform your web browser into feed reader?