Favorite Doodle : Replace Google’s Logo With Your Favorite Logo

Google Doodle has been an interest of many from over the years. The cool and creative doodles Google puts on its homepage at some special occasions is an attraction of many. Remember when Google had Pacman in their doodle and we were able to play Pacman on their doodle (Pacman’s 30th anniversary). There are a lot of Google Doodles which we love and we want to see them everyday but the Google Doodle stays only for a single day. You can of course search about it on the web and find it but you wouldn’t get that fun which you get while seeing a doodle on Google homepage. But, I have got a solution for that.

Favorite Doodle is an extension from Google Chrome which you can use to keep your favorite Google Doodle on the home page of Google. Firstly, you need to download the extension and then enable it. Then go to this link (or click the google logo on the homepage, it works only if you have enabled the extension at that time). You will get a list of Google Doodles from 1998 to 2011 and you will see an option below every doodle(if you have enabled the extension) – “Make This My Favorite Doodle”. After clicking it that doodle will start coming on Google homepage. I will show you an example.

To set the favorite doodle, firstly go to this link – Link. Choose one doodle, for example:-

I want to make the above doodle to be shown on the homepage of Google so I would click the “Make This My Favorite Doodle!” button. Thats as simple as it looks, now let’s open doesn’t work on SSL or encrypted Google) and see the logo on the homepage. And there it is:-


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That was as simple as that, I hope you have understood everything about this extension. It is very simple but still if you haven’t understood something feel free to ask in the comments, I will surely answer your query.

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