Fake Nokia N8 from China

China is the best place for fake brands. Recently we had seen Fake Nokia N97 Mini and the clone of apple iPad from china. Before going into the specs and photos of Fake N8, do look at

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The special features and specifications of Fake Nokia N8 –

  • Dual Camera, photoflash lamp
  • Weighs 144grams
  • Proprietary Operating system
  • 3.3-inch Touch LCD screen
  • Single SIM slot and supports WAP, GPRS, SMS, MMS
  • Memory Slot Type: Transflash TF up to 8GB in size
  • MP3, TV tuner, Voice recording, Fm radio etc

Video of Fake Nokia N8 Hands on –

Price information is not yet available, but the chinese products will be always cheaper. What’s your opinion about this Nokia N8 Faked from China ?

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10 thoughts on “Fake Nokia N8 from China”

  1. I want to know the difference between the fake Nokia N8 and original Nokia N8. So please send me the information about it on my e-mail soon as possible.

  2. We bought China Phone N8 Dragon Mart in Dubai cheap and almost the same but the problem when we try the SIM card it fails you cannot send SMS, MMS, and you cant call the mobile…. rating -0

  3. I recently bought a fake N8 by accident on the web.
    It seems to be an excellent phone, but I can’t download ovi maps or get the usb connection to my computer.
    The supplier is trying to help with this, but if anyone has any ides I woul appreciate them.

  4. i bought this mobile i am totally satisfied by this mobile
    you should also purchase this

  5. last day i got nokia N8 china 4n.but it shows only 500KB as it internal memory.but catalog says it has 16GB internal memory.also camera was very poor though it shows it has 12MP.so informe me the answers through my e mail………………?

  6. @Gary I feel so sorry for you bro because even i was a victim of one yesterday for 100$. But the fake one I’m having is not like the one shown in thne video. it is perfect genuine Nokia N8 with all logos in place. Too bad i had to atleast check the camera. The deal was overwhelming so I grabbed it blindly(literally).
    FYI there are counterfeit Transcend JFV30 32 gb pendrives. they look perfect genuine but remeber 32 gb won’t be green. On lesson I learnt is “IF THE OFFER SEEMS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE THEN YES IT IS”.

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