Eye ooo: View Multiple Webpages in Same Browser Tab

Often for comparisons, viewing multiple webpages simultaneously can be extremely helpful. With a large enough monitor, an appropriate screen resolution, and a bit of window resizing you can easily view the webpages simultaneously in 2 separate browser windows. But the case is not as simple when you have a smaller monitor. Here to help you accomplish the same effect with a smaller display is a web service called “Eye ooo.”


Eye ooo is a wonderful website completely free to use. It lets its people simultaneously view multiple webpage under the same browser tab. This can be a great help in viewing multiple pages simultaneously for comparison or keeping in view the notifications area of a certain website. When you visit the homepage of Eye ooo, you find the options of Google Translate and Twitter Hashtag.


These options provide you with 2 simultaneous version of the said service in the same browser tag.


If there are other sites you would like to view, you can enter the site URLs and the site template. The first 2 templates correspond to 2 websites whereas the third template helps viewing 3 websites simultaneously.


All you have to do is click on a template style and enter the site’s URL. Click on the “GO” button located below and view those URLs you entered simultaneously.


The sites appear next to one another with default positions of separators. These separators can be easily repositioned using your mouse. You can have the separators adjusted that that it shows only a small region of a website; this can be helpful if you only want a certain area of a site – such as the notification area – to be visible.

Overall, Eye ooo offers a definitely useful web service that can help all those wanting to view 2 or 3 webpage simultaneously.

You can visit this helpful website @ http://www.eyeooo.com/