Explore the Globe Virtually with Google Street View based Websites

Applications like Google Maps have enabled couch travelers to globetrot around the world without ever leaving the comfort of their couches. You can simply ‘Browse’ to famous places and landmarks across the globe without ever buying a ticket or going through the hassle of traveling. With Google Street View up and running, various websites have popped up on the web that allows you to virtually explore the globe in a fun yet useful way. Take a look at some of these interesting Google Street View mashups:

Show My Street

showmystreet.com   fast   easy street viewing

This is a very useful Google Maps mashup that comes very handy in finding addresses because it mainly relies on Google’s Street view. You have to type in an address and search, the results will be that location displayed on Google Maps. Luckily if the address that you have entered is also present in Google Street view’s database, it will also pop-up. You can also use Show My Street Map just like an ordinary Google Map and can share it via Facebook or Twitter.

Google Sightseeing

Google Sightseeing — Discover the world

Well this particular Google Maps and Street view mashup take users on a journey around the world. It scoops up blogs from web and then presents them in an arranged format, all of these blogs are arranged as per categories and countries. There is also a special section on Google Sightseeing website that collects Street view images from around the globe.


MapCrunch   Random Google Street View

MapCrunch website let users ‘teleports’ around the globe with few chunky images of Google Street view displayed randomly. Though you can choose locations but there is an interesting game of Hit-or-miss on the website that allow users to check their general knowledge. For quickly browsing places, there is a gallery of Google Street view photo collages.

Although these apps are simple mash-ups but you can enjoy the fun part of these websites by exploring your favorite places. Do let us know in comments that whether these websites were worth browsing or not.