Enjoy Unlimited Free Texting with Kakaotalks iOS and Android App

Texting is increasingly becoming the new way of communication especially amongst young generation. You will find number of situations where sending a quick text is more appropriate then a phone call. But the problem with texting is charges, most of the carriers charge a considerable amount in the range of almost $15 a month for 500 texts which is quite high. So if you happen to be on a data plan for your phone the Kakaotalk app will very much solve your texting problems.

How Kakaotalk App works?

The normal method employed in text messaging is the use of cellular network, though the coverage is wide but bandwidth is pretty less. So Kakaotalk app uses mobile broadband to sidestep cellular network thing, put it simply, the app works just like an instant messenger of your computer. As long as you have an internet connection on your phone it means that you are having free texting and SMS options.

Kakaotalk And

Kakaotalk user interface is similar to a PC-like messenger’s interface, and texting appears same as you find on a typical smartphone. All the conversations appear in the chat tab of the app’s interface, exactly as you will find in Android’s SMS app. Messages flow is also similar to smartphone’s messaging app with users own image appearing next to all the text bubbles. A notification sound is also triggered each time a new message is received.

Kakaotalk Android

Kakaotalk app also supports the MMS, including pictures and videos, amazingly you will find the quality of multimedia messages way too better than the normal MMS.

kakaotalk iPhone

The only drawback you find on this instant messaging app is that it acts as an online instant messenger, meaning that you can only contact with people who are using it and are having mobile broadband on their devices. But if you tend to convince people around you to install this app than you will find it to be very useful.

Kakaotalk is available as a free download for both iPhone and Android, iPad users can also download it but they will have to tag a number capable of receiving SMS.