Enjoy Unlimited File Upload Storage with Drops Web App

Services providing file uploads and online storage are increasingly becoming popular on the web, just like we have DropBox. So today I will introduce a new kid in the block named as Drops.

What is Drops?

Drops User Interface

Basically it is a file sharing and uploading web application that allow users to upload any number of files. Unlike the other uploading apps available, Drop does not put a limit in terms of the space available for uploading. But it does have some restrictions in terms of the data limit for each uploaded file i.e. you can upload only 30MB of data for each file.

Good thing about this app is that you don’t have to configure for the cloud based storage settings, you can simply share your uploaded contents with friends and colleagues without much of a hassle.

How to Use Drops?


You just have to give-in your password and email ID and the app will be ready for use. For sharing the files you just have to Drag and Drop the files on its UI and files will start uploading automatically. Once the files are uploaded then the links will be generated automatically that can be accessed directly.

Coming over to the applications Online file viewing capability, Drops supports multitude of file formats including images, documents and even programming languages source codes. Users can also upload audio track or even watch videos from their web browsers. There is a built-in URL generator that generates all the sharable links in a file.

You have to install Adobe Air to use Drops and it works all the Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. You can download Drops for free from their official website.

Pretty cool don’t you think? It’s surely going to help a lot in the present Cloud storage world!!