Easily Track Your Music Sessions with Like.fm

If you are a fan to listening good quality music, you sure take pride in the fact about which songs you are listening to and sharing it with others as well. Like.fm is an online web based service which learns the taste of the users’ music habits and can help them share these trends with others.

Getting started with Like.fm is very easy. To start off, you need to sign up for the service, which hardly takes a minute. You can also login using your Facebook credentials which will assist you later in posting on the songs you’re listening to directly as your status and share it with your friends.

After sign up, you will be taken through a simple three step process which will install a browser based client, a desktop client and finally publishing on the dashboard on what music you listen to. The web browser plugin captures the type of music you listen to when you visit websites like YouTube, Grooveshark.com etc. The desktop app captures the music listened to via iTunes, Windows Media Player and other media players.


You can visit the dashboard to add people to it so that you may be able to view what others are listening to and share with them on what you are listening to. Moreover, you can also use the Discover option to discover famous people and charts around the globe. The likes of people and lists included in the Discover option are Billboard Hot 100, a famous music chart, The Hype Machine, SoundLust etc. This feature makes getting up to date about the latest trends and famous songs very easy for List.fm users.


List.fm is a really good service which helps users easily share their musical habits with others as well as following what others are listening to. List.fm is completely free for use and can be accessed from the link given below.

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