Easily Search And Download YouTube Video Using Meep

Meep is a software application by which you can download YouTube videos on your computer easily. On installation it automatically adds Meep.com toolbar to your Firefox browser. If you don’t get it, then go to Tools -> Add-ons -> Meep Media downloader and click on the “Enable” button.

By visiting the drop down given on the right of the toolbar you can immediately visit top videos of the top artists. Also if you want to watch video of certain category then go for Hip-hop, rock, country videos and funny videos.


There is an option to save the video in various file formats. Just click the “Save video” button at the toolbar. Also you can save the video in MP3 format.

Apart from toolbar you can use downloaded software on your computer. Open the Meep media downloader application you installed on your computer. Copy the link inside the box given and click the “Save video” button.


There is an option in this tool to import the downloaded video to iTunes. Keep the iTunes box checked. You can download videos from sites like YouTube, Megavideo, Dailymotion and Hulu are supported by this service.

T he only thing I don’t like this too is the integrated search engine. It is very crappy search engine which can’t search for any videos. You have to visit the sites like YouTube, Megavideo to search and download the videos.

Download Meep media downloader to immediately search and download for your favorite videos.