Easily Merge Multiple Videos into One Video with Dragontape

Making playlists of your favorite songs is commonplace today. Several files are merged in media player and then enjoyed without having to change tracks often. Often, when watching videos, especially online, one feels the need to make playlists or merge videos together for a smoother playback experience. Dragontape is a one of its kind online video merging service which allows users to merge their favorite videos from different sources into one and then share it with their friends.

Dragontape is an online web-browser based visual playlist editor, which enables users to merge video files from different online sources into one. Videos merged with Dragontape result in a seamless new video which can be easily shared and embedded as if it was a single file, without the need of replicating the video into various locations and keeping the original location intact. Dragontabe is easy to use with a simple two-field registration page to get started. Once you log in, you can immediately visit the ‘Create New Tape” page which allows you to add videos. Loading the page requires you to have Adobe Flash installed and JavaScript turned on in your browser.


Once the page loads, you can add your favorite videos by entering keywords or pasting the URL of the video in the search box. The search is powered by default YouTube search and you can just drag and drop the videos you want to add and they will be merged. When you’re done adding videos, hit the “Save” button on the page and a merged tape will be created with the files you added. You can then play the resulting tape to check out how it has been arranged and if satisfied, continue to share it with the world.



Sharing the tape you just created is easy and can be done via the Share button displayed in the bottom right corner of the default tape page. Tapes can be shared on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Wave etc.


Dragontape is currently in its Beta version and with such useful utility; one can only imagine how good it will be when its final version rolls out. Recommended visit for all video watching fans out there.

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