Easily Edit Images Online with Resizr

resizr-1 Every now and then one needs to resize or edit their photos and trim them to perfection. Resizr is a free online web service which allows you to resize, crop and edit your images on the internet. Picture quality is not affected when using Resizr and you can easily crop, rotate and resize according to your own specified size easily. Resizr allows unlimited number of pictures to be edited and you can also share your pictures via e-mail, on MySpace and even export them to your mobile phone as mobile background wallpaper.

Using Resizr is simple; first select an image to resize. The image can be uploaded directly from your computer or if it’s an online image, you can specify the URL of the image. You can also load images directly from an album present on Facebook.


After the picture has been uploaded, you can then edit the picture from a new page where all the edit options are available e.g. rotate the image, sharpen it to a degree, set its height and width etc. You can also edit the brightness and contrast settings of the image and also choose what type (.JPEG, .PMG, .GIF) of image will be saved. Image preview is available immediately after you apply a modification.


Resizr is a great way to edit your photos free online and renders the results really fast. A must try for everyone who loves photo editing.

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