Easily Create Icons from Image Files With Converticon

There are thousands of software available on the internet which can help users convert different image formats into icons. But these days, people are reluctant to install third party applications to perform small conversion tasks as there are risks involved. This problem can be solved by a service known as “Converticons”.

Converticon is a useful online utility which can help users image formats into high quality ICO files. To start the conversion process, click on Get Started button on the homepage and browse the file you want to convert into ICO file.


Once the uploading is complete, click on the Export button and it will show you all the possible sizes in which you can convert your images. Select the size in which you want to convert your image and click on Save As button. The size of the icon usually depends on where you want to use the icon file. For example, if you want to use the icon for your website or blog, the recommended size would be 24×24 or 16×16. But if you want to use it for any of your drive or folder, bigger size would be better.


And you are done. Now, save the file anywhere you want and use it. Just go to properties of any folder and go to Customize > Change Icon and select your newly created icon.


Converticon is a nifty online tool which can help you create ICO files in few simple clicks without installing any software.

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