Easily Bookmark and Share Webpages in Google Chrome

Sharing the websites we like on our social network of choice usually involves two steps: copying the website’s URL and then pasting it on our network.

To shorten this procedure, there are various browser extensions and add-ons that paste the link directly to your social network. However these extensions only support one or a few social networks. If you want something that lets you quickly share a webpage across almost all social networks, then check out AddInto.


AddInto is a browser extension for Google Chrome that makes it easier and quicker to share the websites you like. The extension adds a new blue ‘plus’ button in the address bar of Chrome. When you are on a website you want to share, just click on the button and select the network of your choice from the dropdown menu.


The networks that are shown in the dropdown menu can be modified by accessing the extension’s options. In the options you find a list of virtually all online networks that you can share sites on; more than 100 networks can be seen in this list. Select the sites you want added in the default view so you can quickly share sites on them.


The extension also maintains a history of all sites you have shared through it. the history can be viewed at the bottom of the Options page.


The extension also lets you clear the history as well as disable the history-saving feature.

Its simplicity of use and wide support for networks makes AddInto a valuable Chrome extension to have.

Download AddInto for Google Chrome