Easily Add Frames to Your Photos Using Framer

All of us love to make our photos more beautiful and attractive by adding frames to them. This trend has been around in smartphone cameras and webcams, but now you can do the same with your regular digital camera pictures via an online web service called Framer.

Framer is a subsidiary Beta service provided by ClipYourPhotos which allows framing your digital pictures with a few simple clicks. No registration is required to use Framer and you can simply visit the website and start uploading pictures and then begin to frame them from many of the available frame templates.

The website is really responsive and many frames are available such as Film, paint, floater, paper, simple, creamy etc. Applied frames are reviewable instantly and if satisfied, you can save the photo and download it on your PC or share it on any social media network.


The website also features face bender service which can modify the look of any photo by modifying it with face bending features. Also, the ripple creator app also adds some cool ripple effects to pictures.

All these services, including Framer are available on a single platform of ClipYourPhotos. If you need instant modification and side effect addition to your pictures, then this is a service to look out for.


Using Framer To Add Frames to your Photos

  • Using Framer is really simple. First of all, browse the image to which you want to add frame.

  • Select the type of effect you want to apply from the right sidebar.

  • Once you are done selecting the frame for your photo, click on Save Framed Photo.

Framer is an excellent service to add frames to your images. If you know any other service which can perform the same feature, do share with us using the comments section below.

Check out Framer

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