DVD Won’t Eject from Macbook ? 5 Ways to Remove Stuck DVD from SuperDrive

Many Mac help forums have this complaint from macbook users when their dvd won’t eject from the macbook disk drive. If you face this situation here are 5 ways to remove a stuck cd, dvd from macbook’s super drive.

Macbook Eject ButtonPress Hold Eject Button

This is the basic step to be done, when you can’t eject the dvd from the Disk Utility. The eject button is usually located at the top-right corner of your keyboard.Press and Hold the button till the cd, dvd ejects. If it doesn’t work read on…

Drag Send SuperDrive Disk Icon to Trash

If the keyboard eject button doesn’t work, this might. Simply Drag and Drop the the Disk Icon to the Trash Can within the dock and it will auto eject the disk inside it.

Ejecting Stuck CD DVD from Command Line

Launch the Terminal and type following command: drutil eject . This won’t fail. This works always.

Press Hold Mouse Button while Reboot

Restart your Macbook and hold down the mouse button (tap trackpad multiple times) as the system reboots. Hold it down until the system boots, again the stuck disk should come out.

Manual Process of Removing Stuck DVD

Step 1 : Take a piece of paper or thin card long enough to be inserted far inside the drive. The dvd cover page works well.

Step 2 : Insert the paper slowly into it and press eject multiple times till you feel a light pressure.

Step 3 : Gently, pull the paper and the disk will come out with it due to friction. You can also keep the Macbook at an angle to make the drive opening face down.

You can also take help from this video which will show you the exact manual procedure of removing a disk from the SuperDrive.

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  • Linsey March 16, 2011, 3:56 am

    “Launch the Terminal and type following command: drutil eject . This won’t fail. This works always.”

    This failed. This didn’t work.