Drag-Drop to Share Images in Google Chat with GChat Pix

The ability to share pictures while chatting with your friend is handy and very useful. You can share screenshot, flowcharts or other pictures directly through the chat. That’s however, not present in Google Chat on the web. When you sign in using GMail and start using Google Chat, all you can do is voice chat and video chat.

GChat Pix is a very useful Google Chrome extension that lets you share pictures using the Google Chat window and just by dragging and dropping it. It works and does the job very quickly indeed. When you drag and drop any image, GChat Pix will first upload the image to it’s server and then provide a link to the image, which will appear as a image when you send it to the Google contact. That means, the contact on the other side will only┬áreceive┬áthe link, whereas you can see the thumbnail.

For obvious reasons, like security, the image will only be hosted on GChat Pix’s servers for 24 hours. You can directly drag and drop into the chat window, doesn’t matter if it’s popped out or not. It’s almost instant, well, that depends on your internet connection. This is only a Google Chrome extension so don’t try it on other browsers. After the installation, you should see a new icon in your address bar.

Just drag any amount of images over to the chat window and wait for the links to appear, then hit send. As simple as that.

Once you send the link, the contact can view it or them by clicking on the link. Fast and easy way of sharing of images in Google Chat web client. You can download GChat Pix from the Chrome web store.

Let us know what you think of this useful Google Chrome extension.