Download WhatsApp Messenger for iPhone for Free Today

No one needs introduction to the WhatsApp Messenger. Be it iPhone users or Blackberry or Android users. Since WhatsApp is the most popular cross platform messenger everyone knows about it. As a limited time offer WhatsApp is available for free on the App Store today. So hurry.

BBM or BlackBerry messenger is one of the various USPs of the Blackberry phones. We have already heard rumors about RIM’s BBM officially coming to iPhone and Android but until then we can make do with WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is free for one year for BlackBerry and Nokia users and iPhone users too have a chance to download whatsapp for free today only at the iTunes App Store.

Whatsapp cross platform messenger iphone blackberry android nokia

Why should you use WhatsApp?

Well firstly because everyone else is using it. Need more reasons? Here are a few more:

  • Multiplatform – works with iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia
  • Group Chat – Because one-on-one chat is so last year 🙂
  • Push Notifications – Never miss a beat if the app is not running!
  • Free Text & MMS – Send text, video, images, audio for free
  • Instant Contacts – Chat with friends in your address book right away
  • Offline Messages – Guaranteed delivery when you come online

How to download WhatsApp for free on iPhone?

Whatsapp icon

Just visit this link and click on the download link to get Whatsapp messenger for free on your iPhone. iPod touch users please note that this app is not yet compatible with iPod Touch or iPad. You need an iPhone to be able to use it.

Now hurry. It’s free only for a day. Usually WhatsApp costs $0.99 to purchase from the App Store.