Download Upgraded Skype Beta 5.0 with 10 Way Video Calling

Few days back Gmail came up with Video calling integration to Gtalk to give competition to Skype and thus to stay ahead in competition Skype came up with its upgraded beta 5.0 version known as beta with 10 way video calling.


Now you can do a lot more with new Skype but there are few bugs as it is yet in beta version. Few of the new features which you will experience with upgraded beta 5.0 version are:

  • 10-way group video calling
  • Skype Home experience
  • Offline instant messaging
  • New contact search and add experience
  • Enhanced call experience under problematic conditions
  • Post call experience
  • General User Interface refresh

To have a better experience with 10 ways video calling you need to have Intel Core2Duo 2 GHz CPU or equivalent with min. required network bandwidth is 1 mbit/s and network speed at least 5 mbit/s. This new Skype version is for Windows only. If any of the users will be having fewer configurations then the quality of video calling will surely get affected. Thus before downloading upgraded Skype beta 5.0 version make sure that you meet above requirements.

Download link of Upgraded Skype 5.0 version

Hope the final version release soon without bugs so that we can enjoy group calling in better way. It will be very useful especially for the team who work virtually. What you think about these new features of Skype? Do share your views.

Via: Skype