Download NudeIt iPhone application: Watch People Nude

This will come as a shock for many users that soon an iPhone application will be released which will let you watch people nude. I know it’s hard to believe and even I find it hard to believe on any such application.

To watch people nude you have to come closer to the object, less then 2m.

According to official release

“Nude It app shows your friends naked! Nude It is a funny Augmented Reality application for the iPhone that lets you see through clothes. Simply point your iPhone at a friend (less than 6.5 ft / 2 m from you), and using Nude It scanning technology, you will see him or her totally nude. Please, note that you must clearly see your friend’s face on the screen to get good results.”


Watch this demo video of this iPhone application and also download link is given at the bottom of the page.

This application is available in the iPhone store at the cost of .99$. I’m sure many of you will love to download this application.

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Do give me your review about this iPhone application.

37 thoughts on “Download NudeIt iPhone application: Watch People Nude”

  1. @ali you got it right.. It uses the face recognition technology and grab the face and replace the body with a cartoon semi-nude body

  2. Dears:

    Are this True………. lif True…….. to Send this Application to my E-mail ID………… Please …………..

  3. hey plz any body send me this i am living in UAE ,so i can’t download it from my country ,plzzzzzzz guyzzzzzz

  4. Now, this is awesome but as we all know, not true. Anyways a good app for teasing frndz

  5. Hi! Brother…S…!
    If this is true~~ Than plzzzZ send this Appliction t0 my E~mail ID


  6. yes its nonsense but just a question. Is this app legal? I cant’t say about others but Indian govt will definitely ban it


  7. i really like this application can you all please selp me to download it.
    if some one can download this please send me the link and procedure to download.
    Thanks in advance

  8. hi thank you
    can you send me som seex picture on my email?
    i am waiting
    thanks vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvery muth

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