Dot for iPhone Records Videos in 360 Degree[Panorama]

Seems like iPhone is the device that can’t stop giving you unbelievable features that you have never imagined. We have seen so many add on devices that can be connected to your iPhone for making it one of the most powerful smartphones.

iPhone and iPod Touch are now capable of recording a video in panoramic mode thanks to the device called Dot, that is made by New York based company named – Kogeto.  Dot is expected to launch in an event in June, but the full volume production will be starting in August this year.

The device mounts really well on your iPhone or iPod Touch & lets you capture the video in 360 degrees without even need to rotate it. You can also carry around it while walking but the recommended method from Kogeto is just put the iPhone on  a flat surface & let it do the 360 degree video recording for you.

Dot Device For iPhone 360 Video
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Dot was aimed for capturing the environment by using the traditional camera that users have on their iPhone. After recording the video – you can simply view or navigate it in complete 360 degrees from the video itself. Additionally Kogeto is making a separate free app for it named “Looker” – which can help you in shooting, sharing & viewing videos captured by the Dot.  This app has capability of adding multiple panoramic videos from different iPhones & link together for greater precision in view or for a huge environmental scene.

Some of you may be disappointed knowing that this device only works for iPhone 4 & iPod Touch of the fourth generation. But as the company has stated they are working on the device for Android & iPad which are expected to hit market by Christmas, it shouldn’t be much of a disappointment.

The company has already started taking pre orders for the device from this Official Website of Dot. And you can also join the launch party or get Dot device by spending $47 or more at KickStarter Website.

What do you think of this Dot accessory for your iPhone? DO you enjoy recording 360 degree videos? They can be fun you know!