DoppleMe: How to Create Your Online Avatar and Get its Embeddable Code

doppleme-1 Numerous websites let you create avatars that can be used to identify you on various websites. You use these avatars on social networks and forums to get a fun image that represents you. Of the websites that let you create avatars, one of the best is DoppleMe.

DoppleMe is a free to use website for creation of your online avatar. You start by creating an account on the website. With your account activated, you begin with an empty/clean avatar like in the image below.


You begin customizing the avatar’s various features. The features are quite comprehensive ranging from expressions and shows to hair and background. For most items that you select for your avatar, you can also select the item’s color.


As you keep on making the changes to your avatar, its new view is updated and displayed.


With your avatar created you can get its embeddable code that can be used on forums or your website. To share the avatar on Facebook you can use the service’s Facebook application to which the link is provided on the site.

The entire functioning is quite simple and lets you create and obtain your avatar in no time at all.

You can visit DoppleMe by clicking here.