DokDok: Easily Manage Your Email Attachments Online

dokdok-1 E-mail attachments are a great way to share items via electronic mail. However, sometimes managing email attachments sent or received can be cumbersome since they’re not particularly organized when they’re sent or arrive. DokDok is a free to try web app which can be used to manage your email inbox attachments efficiently.

With DokDok, business users can easily verify that an attachment is the most recent version, track its changes, and share it with others members of the organization – all without forcing a change in typical business workflow. This is especially helpful in those work areas where a single attachment has to change in multiple hands and maintaining the most updated record about the content/type/details of the email attachments is a difficult task.

DokDok is essentially different from the traditional file sharing app, a cloud synching service, or an enterprise document management system. DokDok aims to convert the email inbox into a powerful and productive document sharing tool.

Currently DokDok is available for Google Apps and can be added to your Google Apps listing via its Google Apps Marketplace page.


DokDok’s premiere feature is the automatic document archive which automatically archives and saves attachments present in your e-mail inbox. This saves time as every attachment can be found without looking for old lost attachments.

DokDok also helps renaming attachments to know which version is the latest and also allows users to work on both the older version of the attachment and a newer version at the same time, with the option to even compare both versions side by side. This support is for all attachments in Microsoft Office formats i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. files and formats.


DokDok is a great way to manage and share email attachments without having to engage in any kind of complexity. We recommend it to anyone who uses Google Apps and deals with a lot of email attachments online every day.

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