DocRaptor: Convert HTML Web Pages into PDF and XLS Files

One often needs to save web pages as PDFs or other formats to serve some requirement. DocRaptor is a web based HTML conversion service which lets users convert normal HTML web pages into PDFs and XLS (MS Excel spread sheets).


DocRaptor doesn’t require to script/code anything; all you need to do is simply identify the HTML text which you want to convert and DocRaptor will do the rest. The three step conversion process consists of the following steps: firstly, choose a format to convert, followed by writing of simple HTML and last, but not the least, posting it to the REST interface.


DocRaptor is entirely web abased application hence does not require any downloads to be made or packages to be installed. Moreover, because of its simple interface, no additional APIs are required to perform coversion tasks. Unfortunately, DocRaptor is not a free web app, however its pricing plan and offers are very attractive. Currently DocRaptor offers a one month free trial to anyone who signs up for using DoCRaptor. Several price plans exist for using DocRaptor. The simplest pay plan is the basic pay plan which costs $15 per month for upto 125 docs. The highest plan is the Max plan which costs $149 per month and upto 5000 docs are supported. DocRaptor-3

DocRaptor is a great to use utility for converting HTML content to PDFs and EXCEL sheets. It is a highly recommended plugin for anyone who has to deal with conversion of documents frequently.

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  1. Nice tool. I needed this a long time back. Thanks for sharing Hammad.

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