Do You Believe Sexting Is Just Good Clean Fun?: Think Again

Sexting is one cons of latest technology which has given birth to one of the severe crime in U.S (Child pornography). Sex-ting was first coined in 2005 and since then many cases has been reported and strict action has been taken against the people involved. Different countries have different laws regarding pornography and child nudity.

Every new generation has its own technological innovations For your parents’ generation it was the Sony Walkman and the advent of music videos. It may seem strange, but those inventions, now more likely to be seen at an antique shop than in real life, were revolutionary, and even controversial, in their time.


What is Sexting?

Sexting in simple word is act of sending pornographic images or text over phone using SMS, MMS or any other apps like iMessage, Whats app, BBM or anything using phone. According to Wiki article the most common form of sexting is sending semi nude or complete nude photograph of themselves.

Your own generation has grown up with computers, cell phones and other gadgets, and as a result you might not see the inherent dangers in those technologies. But while the GPS features on your phone enable your friends to find you in a crowded mall, they also allow predators and others to find you just as easily.

The same danger is inherent in other uses of your cell phone and Its camera. The practice of sexting can seem look just innocent fun, but the consequences of snapping that risque picture and hitting the send button can follow you for the rest of your life.

It may seem silly, and it probably is, but in many places around the country, a 15 year old girl who sends a nude or semi-nude picture of herself to her 16 year old boyfriend has just transmitted child porn. When the 16 year old boy on the other end of the phone looks at the picture he is also guilty of child porn in the eyes of the law. And when he sends it to his friends, as you know he will, he is now trafficking in child porn.

The rules governing child porn are harsh, and for good reason, but when those laws were written no one was thinking about sexting. As it stands right now, sending a singngle picture of yourself to anyone, regardless of their age, could lead to a felony conviction, and a lifetime as a registered sex offender.

So think before you start a sexting conversation — while it may seem fun to send naughty pictures of yourself to your significant other, think about your future before you hit the send button.

Also, my suggestion to parents, starts monitoring your child activities at times to save their child from prey eyes of predators and people who may misuse your child pictures. Or least, share this article and inform them about what’s happening around and how they can prevent themselves from embarrassment, which takes time to go from life.

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