Discover Android Games of Your Taste with Hooked App

Gaming on smartphones is a very essential thing these days, if you don’t have some cool games on your high-end smartphone then it means that you are not maxing out of it. Android marketplace in the recent times have flooded with some really cool and awesome games but finding out a worth while gaming gem out of so many is a bit hectic. So today I will be telling you about an App on marketplace that will let you discover games for your Android phone that will be matching your taste.

What is Hooked?

Hooked is basically a new and an innovative way of discovering Android games and eventually sharing it with your friends. On Hooked you can do loads of stuff like finding amazing games, discovering games as per your personal interests, inviting friends to join, sharing your discoveries with your friends. Simply stated, Hooked is a social networking based community solely designed for Android gamers.

Hooked App’s Intelligent Working

hooked app

The application has been designed intelligently in such a way that it automatically returns appropriate gaming recommendations for users. It also keeps users updated with the popular gaming titles that users world-over are trying. There is a built-in quiz on the app, this quiz learns about the gaming habits of the user and gives a specific gamer’s title. The app also suggests 3 gaming-titles based on your quiz answers.


You will have to go through the quiz when you will launch the app for the first time, Hooked will learn about your gaming taste from this quiz and will recommend you 3 games daily. Recommended games are displayed in the center of App’s homepage, you can also install games directly via Hooked. Live Feed enables users to view games that are being played by other Hooked users.

Well I think Hooked app will very much end your search for Android games, you can not only share your discoveries with your friends but can also invite them to use this app. Hooked is available as a free download from Android marketplace.

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  1. Hi All,

    I used this app and its amazing !! It helps me to find amazing games from all over the android market. The games that they recommend are exactly the games I love

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