Cydia Search: Now Search For Cydia Apps From Your Desktop

Cydia has a huge collection of applications that one can use to squeeze some extra juice from their iOS devices. A great App Store alternative on jailbroken devices, Cydia is a must have for every geek alive. There are so many things you can do with the various applications available on the Cydia Store.

Cydia Store

The Cydia Store is however not as clean as the App Store and hence looking for a certain kind of App using the small screen of your iOS device can be a little tiring. Why? Because plainly there are quite a few Sources that one normally searches in and lots and lots of applications, themes, screensavers and wallpapers in every corner.

Keeping this in mind, Planet iPhones have come out with a web app that will instead search entire Cydia App collection to find what you’re looking for. Hence, Cydia Search is a web based search engine optimized for Cydia, that helps you find your favorite Cydia application on your desktop with utmost ease and quickness. This is a very good initiative, as it’s clutter free and easier to search and see what’s new on a bigger screen. It’s also helpful for those people who’ve got second thoughts on whether to jailbreak their iOS device or not.

Cydia Search

You can search and browse all the applications on Cydia that you’re missing out on if you’ve not jailbroken your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Jay Freeman, the creator of Cydia also had a lot to say on why Jailbreaking is useful. It’s literally a search engine on the web for Cydia and it’s repositories.

Planet iPhones also say;

Although packages are easily navigated from any jailbroken iOS device through the Cydia application itself, Cydia Search is a browser-based search engine offering a quick and reliable alternative for finding packages currently available in Cydia. Cydia Search checks all included repositories for new and updated packages once per hour.

I’m not saying that it’s difficult to search for apps and add-ons on your iPhone, but it is certainly faster and bigger on the desktop. Also, when you search for a certain app and land on it’s info page, you’ll also be given an exact screenshot of how it looks on an iOS device, plus other details like size, price, author etc.

You can add Planet iPhones Cydia Search as a bookmark on your web browser.

Tell us if this new Cydia Search is going to help you in any way?