Custom User Dictionary added to iPhone OS 4

The latest beta release of the iPhone OS 4 has a new long awaited feature. These features will be available to everyone when Apple makes a public release of the new OS this June. This new feature will help users to easily add custom words to the Dictionary so that it will recommend them later while typing from the keyboard.
I downloaded the latest beta release of the iPhone OS 4, beta 4 that is, yesterday and found this new features. Please note that this beta release is only available to registered developers and since its not a final release it still has some bugs. The final OS is expected to arrive in June first week for the public.

The option resides under the Keyboard Section by the name “Edit User Dictionary.” You can add as many words as you like by pressing the Add button on the top right corner. 

How is it any better?

On the previous versions of the iPhone OS, there still was a way to do this. However, it was not as painless as this is. Earlier once you rejected a recommended word five times, the OS would learn the new word and shot it from next time. This feature will help us add names and brands which are not dictionary words with great ease, thus making the auto-correction process much more intuitive and painless. In fact, I’ll be able to turn it back on now. 🙂

Tell us how you liked this new addition. While I’ll go and discover more new features on the new release. I’ll keep you posted. Ciao.

2 thoughts on “Custom User Dictionary added to iPhone OS 4”

  1. After I updated my 3GS to os4, this option was available on my phone and I added several words. Now the option has disappeared… Any ideas as to why?

  2. I have an iPhone 3GS also and I have updated my phone to the newest version but this setting is still not available on my phone, this would be really useful to me because my phone annoys me so much by correcting itself the wrong way to what i want, please help

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