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Lately there has been a lot of talk about online presentation and slide show creation tools. Today we’ll be reviewing one such online web app which claims to be one of the best online services to create slide shows and presentations. The service is called CU3ER and what sets it apart from other similar online offerings is the fact that it allows creation of 3D slideshows.

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CU3ER is aimed towards people who want to create content sliders, image galleries or online advertisements and with its powerful 3D customization options, the end product is sure to attract a lot of people’s attention. Although CU3ER can be used for free, its true potential is unleashed when one subscribes for using it. It has two paid plans priced at $49 and $199. The $49 plan supports one single domain and the latter supports up to 5 domains and also removes the CU3ER label from the designs made using it.


Using CU3ER to create 3D slideshows, content sliders and image galleries brings one to a single dashboard called the cManager which serves as the heart of the entire service. cManager supports all the basic and advanced functions offered by CU3ER. cManager has 4 tabs which helps user track the transitions and effects in the tween. This gives a realistic 3D look to images when they transform from one image to the other.


cManager has an Image Library icon on the left pane which adds images to the slides being created.


Visual add-ons can also be added in order to give a more realistic look to the slideshow with elements like arrows, auto play options, description of the slide etc. Visual add-ons section provides a nice collection of such add-ons which can be incorporated into the slideshow.

Visual Add-ons

In order to help the viewer to know how much slideshow or the content slider has passed, a status/progress bar can also be added to the slideshow being created which is available in the Preloader feature. CU3ER also supports creation of custom preloaders as well as has a nice collection of default preloaders.


The epitome of 3D effects is shadows as they bring the realism to any 3D slideshow. CU3ER has a lot of support for shadows and allows static as well as dynamic shadows to be added to any image or object within the slideshow. Dynamic shadows are those which change as the transition changes between images and objects.


CU3ER also supports some great transition effects and 3D transitions using the Flip motion at various degrees can be added along with 2D transitions like fade and glide also being available thereby providing a nice mix. The sequence of how the slideshow runs is also completely configurable using the Timeline feature which represents slides by respective images and the transitions by grids.


CU3ER also supports exporting the product created using it and with the high amount of features and customizations supported by CU3ER it can be safely said that it is one of the best online slideshow and 3D visual content creation services available today and is a must try for every professional visual content developer.

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