Convert Your Emails into Tasks with TaskForce Browser Extension

If you are an email person then you must be aware of the fact that in certain instances emails become a pretty important part of our daily routine because it contains things that need a follow up plus these emails also contains action items.

Gmail is a very useful email client that makes the whole process of sifting through emails and planning action accordingly a pretty easy job. With features like smart labels and attachment searches, Gmail is quite useful. But when it comes to planning and assigning then Gmail can’t do anything and you have to do all of this stuff on your own.

TaskForce Browser Extension


So recently I came across a very useful browser extension with the name of TaskForce, compatible with FireFox, Google Chrome and Safari. This extension simply turns ordinary emails into tasks. With this particular extension, you can simply organize your tasks into lists created by yourself. TaskForce simply integrates with Gmail but it is has an independent frame that can be easily dragged around the browser’s interface.

How To use TaskForce Extension?

In-order to add TaskForce for your Gmail, simply head over to the official page of TaskForce and click on Add to Gmail button. For users that use platforms other then Gmail, there is a selection option as well. Once you click on Add to Gmail Button a prompt will pop-up asking for your email ID. Entering the ID and clicking on  Signup will take you to the Download page.

Taskforce email entry

I am a Chrome user so I was directed to the Chrome Web store from where downloading is pretty easy.Now once it is installed, TaskForce will automatically appear every time you log-in Gmail. Using the extension, you can now simply convert any email residing in your inbox to Activity and Tasks. A Convert to New Task button will appear directly under the subject of an email message. You can simply set a date for any of the added tasks or even create a new list by adding various tasks in it.

There is a feature that really fascinates me and it is that you can also notify the sender of an email that you have converted their email into a task. Once you complete the task, a notification will be automatically sent to the sender. Plus you can also collaborate on a task by inviting people.

I think it’s a great Gmail productivity extension that can really streamline your impending tasks and activities. Do use it and Let us know that what do you think about this particular browser extension.

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