Convert WebPages to PDF in Google Chrome [Extension]

For any web surfer, the option to save visited websites in such a manner that they could be viewed later easily, with no internet is something which everyone wants. One way of achieving this is by converting websites into PDF files which can be saved and then used later. Web2PDFConverter is an extension for Google Chrome web browser which can be used to do this.

Web2PDFConverter and be downloaded and installed via this link. Upon installation, an icon to launch the extension is added to the address bar of Google Chrome web browser.


Using Web2PDFConverter is extremely easy. All you need to do is visit the webpage which you want to save by converting it into a PDF file and click the Web2PDFConverter icon on the address bar of Google Chrome. A popup message will then show where you can click the button saying Convert to PDF.

Web2PDFConverter -2

The extension will then automatically process your request and within a short time the converted PDF will be available for download. From there, you can download the PDF and view the website with the help of any PDF viewer.

Web2PDFConverter -3

Additionally, you can also view the created PDF in Google Docs. You must have a Google Docs account to do so which is free to sign up for.

Web2PDFConverter is a great extension which can help users save their favorite website for offline viewing in a simple and effective manner, and that too, fastly.

Download Web2PDF Converter for Google Chrome