Chrome Time Track: Monitor the Time Spent on Each Activity

Often we get absorbed in our activities and do not know how much time has passed. To improve your productivity it is important to monitor the time spent on each activity. To help you with this, a tool called “Chrome Time Track” was created.


Chrome Time Track is a browser extension for Google Chrome. The extension lets you record the time spent on each activity.

After the extension is installed you will notice a new icon in the address bar, next to the wrench icon. Clicking on this icon will dropdown a window where the time of your activities will be recorded. You can add activities using the “New Task” button. With the activity added you press a play button to initiate its timer. With the timer active, the play button turns into a pause button.


Activities already in the list can be edited anytime. In you editing you can rename the activity and set a custom time for it.


Although the extension provides quite a simple function, it has great utility. By knowing how much time you spent on your activities you can find out if you are being as productive as you want to be.

Get the “Chrome Time Track” extension from here.