Check RAM and CPU Usage in Taskbar with Windows Taskbar Monitor

Microsoft Windows 7 is liked so much by the global users because of the great expandability features it provides. This expandability helps users customize their usage experience greatly in Windows 7. Many desktop applications help user achieve this and today we’ll be taking a look at one such application.

Windows 7 Taskbar Monitor is a small but useful application designed for Windows 7 which allows users to view their PC’s RAM and CPU usage right on their desktop’s taskbar. This utility is especially useful for those who are conscious about how much resources their PC is utilizing. These includes hardcore gamers, designers etc.

Using Windows 7 Taskbar Monitor is really simple. All you need to do is install the application and then launch it to configure settings. There are several different options available. You can select to display either your PC’s physical memory, virtual memory or total memory. CPU usage can also be selected to be viewed or not.

Windows 7 Taskbar Monitor has a warning system as well which alerts the user about their CPU or RAM resources getting low. Two types of warnings can be configured; warning percentage which alerts users when their RAM/CPU usage reaches high level. The critical usage alerts the user when the usage of RAM and/or CPU has reached the level specified as critical. These warning levels can be changed via sliders so user has complete freedom on declaring what warning and critical levels of alert should be.

Windows Taskbar 7-1

Windows 7 Taskbar Monitor utilizes very less amount of system memory (about 9 MB only) and doesn’t interfere with the general system usage. We highly recommend Windows 7 Taskbar Monitor. The utility can be downloaded via this link.