Check Emails From Windows Media Center Using Media Center Mail App

Windows Media Center enables users to see multitude of multimedia contents on their desktop but normally users prefer doing some official work like seeing their emails as well while using multimedia platforms like Windows Media Center. So Media Center Mail is a plug-in that is designed solely for this purpose, that is to enable users to view their emails on their Windows Media Center package.

How to Get Started with Media Center Mail?

Here is what you need to do to use this email viewing utility:

  • First of all open Media Center MailMedia-Center-Mail-user-interface
  • Enter a user name for a separate account from the Add users option tab in the main menuAdd-account-Media-center-mail
  • You can add an image as well that will be representing user
  • From the main menu choose User Menu tab and select the option “Add account for receiving email”. This particular option will allow users to tag an email account with the username they have entered in the previous steps.
  • Now you need to enter POP3 mail client configurations so that your email account is connected with the Windows Media Center. (Gmail users can get these POP3 configurations from their Gmail settings)
  • Once you are done with all the settings, Open Windows Media Center and select the Extras TabMedia-Center-Extras-Tab
  • Select Mail option in Extras to proceed further

In order to use Media Center Mail, every user have to get a activation code from the developers website. This particular code will connect your email account with Windows Media Center itself. To get your activation code, enter your name and email ID on activation page.

Entering your log-in credentials and activation code in the Windows Media Center email tab will activate your connection and enable you to your emails from within Windows Media Center interface.

Media Center Mail can be downloaded for free from their official website and works with Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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