Change Facebook Login Page with FB Login Screen Changer[Chrome]

Normally we spend a large chunk of our time on sites like Google, Wikipedia and Facebook. I sometimes get bored of the same look of these pages especially Facebook, so I was searching for a tweak on the internet recently that will give Facebook login page a new tricked out look and in my search I stumbled upon a cool Google Chrome extension that will let you trick out your Facebook the way you want.

Using FB Login Screen Changer

Though Facebook should have launched this feature by now but instead of waiting for them to launch why not do it yourself. What FB Login Screen Changer does is that it allows users to change the background of their login screen of Facebook to any image that is hosted online.

First of all you have to install the extension, next up is search for a background of your choice. You don’t have to download an image that you are tagging with this extension. Just copy the URL and paste it in the FB Login Screen extension options field.

It does offer you options like applying a pattern image and then tile it by checking the repeat Vertically or Horizontally checkboxes. Every time you make a change in the image or the pattern you will have to refresh the page so that the changes take place.

Here is a comparison of how your Facebook Login screen will turn out to be after installing this extension. I have used a Ferrari image as the background and it surely gives a nice look to my Facebook login page.



You can install FB Login Screen Changer from the Google Chrome’s extension page.

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